Restorative Massage 

Do you need just a little time away from the business of life? This relaxing getaway allows you to destress in a comfortable, safe environment. During this massage, my intention is to induce a soothing experience that will restore the system as well as ease muscle tension and stress.

If you're desiring a little pampering, this is the massage for you. We can work on the entire body or focus on areas of chronic irritation. 

Enjoy some relaxation time.


Restorative Massage

60 minutes for $50.00

90 minutes for $85.00


Restorative Massage Packages

(60 minute massages only)

4 x massages for $180.00

8 x massages for $360.00


Looking for a specific number of massages?

Contact me directly and I'd be happy to work out a deal for a package number of your choice. 

*Packages must be 3 or more massages*


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