Massage Cupping

Tension within our tissue inhibits exchange of healthy fluids, which starves the tissue of vital nutrients. With this ancient technique, I use suction on the skin, fascia and muscle to encourage movement for fresh, healthy, healing blood to enter the tissue.  The heat provided by the increase in blood flow warms the tissue, and in turn, creates a "melting" and softening of the tissue. This allows for muscle and bone restrictions to ease, and delivers an overall sensation of relaxation and ease.

The negative pressure draws out stuck, old, dead blood cells and toxins from the tissue in the process of replacing it with healthy blood. With this process, there is potential for a "Cup Kiss" to be left on the skin. Although this appears to be a bruise, it is in fact old blood brought to the surface where it can be filtered by the lymphatic system. A bruise is caused by trauma to the tissue and rupturing of blood vessels.  Because of the "cup kisses", it is important to drink lots of water after cupping treatments. By doing this, your assisting in flushing the system and assisting in healing within tissue.

During this session, there will be little to no manual massage techniques used, unless discussed during the visit. The majority of the time the cups will be utilized in their many facets in order to facilitate change within the tissue.


Massage Cupping

30 minutes for $45.00

60 mintues for $75.00


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