Corrective Massage

Muscle pain is a signal that can mean an imbalance is present and could be disrupting optimal movement pattern, as well as over all function of the muscle. This Corrective Massage aims to alleviate pain, improve range of motion and allow the muscle to function as optimally as possible. To achieve this, I use a variation of deep tissue techniques. These techniques may include the active involvement of the client in order to better assist the muscle to release. 

If you have pain in a specific region of the body and desire focused work to that area, this is the massage for you. By focusing on a region of pain, we can start to learn the dysfunction specifically and work on those tissues with clear intention.  

Corrective Massage

60 minutes for $60.00

90 minutes for $95.00


Corrective Massage Package

(60 minute massages only)

4 x massages for $220.00

8 x massages or $440.00


Looking for a specific number of massages?

Contact me directly and I'd be happy to work out a deal for a package number of your choice. 

*Packages must be 3 or more massages*


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